Three music services are at the core of all our work. Each include work for production, mixing, and mastering.

brings new music fitted for your vibe.
Mixing assembles a song from tracks that you or we recorded.
Mastering takes your track and polishes it for every platform.



Create a 2-3 minute song.
We make the structure, chord progression, and record parts for you.

Mix Engineering


Mix a 5 minute song.
We take your stems and mix them for mastering.

Master Engineering


Master a 5 minute song.
We take your mix and optimize it for any playback device.
You get high quality recordings in a variety of formats.


We will record and master a part for your work. Featuring an instrument specialty of violin. We also have analog and digital synthesis for instruments and beats.
Prices are listed per exported minute of final audio.



per minute recorded

An expressive violin recording.
Composed in house or with score provided.
You get the mix and a master.

Analog Synthesizers


per minute recorded

A collection of dynamic synthesized recording.
Composed in house or with midi provided.
You get the stems.

Jack In


per Minute recorded

Record your input
up to 16 voices.
We take the following inputs:
3.5mm, RCA, 1/4″,


Are you a media creator? Try our social media package for your next post.
Media and music producers alike can take advantage of the Song Production package, for a complete track.
Film producers desiring a highly reactive score also have a package ready to order.

For everyone with a new project, it is always worth an ask!

Social Media


60 seconds of music

Catchy and concise songs
that capture attention
without taking up time.

Mixed + Mastered for Instagram, TikTok,
YouTube, and Podcasts.

Song Production


A new song for your occasion.

This is song is tailored for the occasion.
Tell me what you want. We’ll synthesize
it to realize it.

Film Scoring


per minute audio

Highly customized and textured score,
crafted meticulous by hand.

Deliberately colorful, optimally placed for action or underscoring. Scores are through composed and tell a story.

New Project



Ask for more, get more.