Music Composition

From nothing there came something,

and that something into greatness.

Song writing is hard. Writing music is harder. And a complete track? Don’t even get me sta

Welcome to Record Recorder Studio. We are here to make the best tracks for your style.

What is Music Production?

Of the services we offer, Production is the widest ranging, most versatile, “blanket” service. Why is this? Consider all of these things:

  • Singing a melody
  • Playing lead guitar
  • Recording drum patterns
  • Playing the keyboard
  • Listening to a song start to finish
  • Composing a string quartet*

Each is a different activity taking different skills, yet the all of one element in common: a Producer.

*in our opinion, Composer is the old term for Producer 🙂

Our Production service is here to fill any of these needs. We are ready to write and record parts on demand, or create entire tracks from scratch. One thing is guaranteed: All work is original, made specifically for you.

Here are the specifics on each of the core functions of Production:

Chart Writing

This is the structure and form of the song. It defines the chord progression, the flow from one section to the next, the parts involved, and the key and tempo for the piece. All songs must have a chart.

Melody Writing

This gets its own section apart from instrumental writing because the melody is what ties all the instruments together. For vocalists, this is the part you will be singing. For songs without words, this is the catchy line that gets stuck in your head long after the song is done.

Song Writing

One step above chart writing, song writing takes those same aspects and puts a melody on top. Most of the time you’ll want to add melodies. In some cases, like video underscore and certain dance styles, melodies are not desired.

Audio Synthesis

The heart of production, this is where we get nitty gritty and produce new audio from scratch. Using a hybrid approach of analog hardware synthesizers as well as digital synthesis, we make the best lines for each part. This is the backbone for both our Instrumental and Beat services.

Instrumental Writing

We think of songs as made of two halves: The instrumentals, and the beat. Instrumentals are the fundamental, melodic, and harmonic parts of the song. They execute the harmony and melody of the song. Think of instrumentals exactly like a chamber orchestra or symphony – the dazzling colors of sound, but without any of the percussive elements.

Beat Writing

We think of songs as made of two halves: The instrumentals, and the beat. Writing beats gets its own category because of the intricacies involved for creating catchy and groovy rhythms. Beat programming is only concerned about the three main elements of rhythm: Kick, Percussion, and Hats.