Master Engineering

Ready for the world.

Your song has been mixed. It sounds good, and you are so excited. Yay!

But what’s next?

You worked hard on your track.

Your work deserves to be on theSpotify playlists, DJ mixes, and ready for every streaming option. And your song sounds good wherever it is played.

With our mastering service, your track is optimized for playability. It can be played back on an Android phone or on laptop speakers and still demand the attention of the person scrolling by. Your eyes are wide and head high – so let’s hear it at the club on those massive big-room speakers. After all, this is where your track makes it or breaks it. Thin, weedy songs just don’t cut it at this scale and your music must be mastered.

Our engineer inspects the instantaneous frequency domain for each moment of your track. At points that help, they make adjustments to these bands to boost the track. This process guarantees your song will sound stellar everywhere.

My mixed track sounds great already. Does it really need mastering?

Yes! Geat mixing goes a long way, and in rare cases may prevent the track from needing mastering. Most of the time though, there is still frequency-based EQ and gain control work that make the finished product stand out after mastering is complete.

Can you master a track that hasn’t been mixed?

We recommend you mix your track properly first before sending it in for mastering. Some fixes can not be done in mastering: for example, if the kick and bass drums are muddying each other up, there is nothing that can be done to fix that by the Master Engineer.

If you skipped mixing and still want to have your track mastered, request a free quote to see if we can work with it.

How do you test your work after Mastering the track?

When the mastering is complete, we test it on 5 unique playback environments to simulate how your listeners will experience it. From smallest to largest, they are:

  • iPhone and Android phone
  • Bluetooth audio
  • Laptop speakers
  • Car speakers
  • Powered Audio (club system)

Every song will always have a different sound depending on the playback environment. We guarantees that the best parts will always shine through regardless of where it is played.